Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

Darinka Aleksic

Hey there, I'm Darinka, and I'm the editor at mappinternational.org. With a background in language and literature, along with years of fieldwork as a journalist, I strive to bring top-notch content to our readers. Beyond the realm of editing, I find joy in indulging my passion for tennis and whipping up culinary delights for my friends and family. Traveling is another passion of mine, as exploring new destinations and experiencing different cultures enriches my life in countless ways.
If you are a fan of camping, but you prefer to decide on your own, you should know in which countries wild camping is allowed and under what conditions. Paid camps have their advantages and are certainly the best option for people who are embarking on this experience for the first time, considering that they probably do not have water filters or know how to function without a real toilet. Wild camping is banned in most European countries, but there are also those countries where these rules... Read More