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One of the things that worry most people when they start planning their days off, is not who is going to take care of the dog, the children or the grandparents. It is surprisingly high the number of people that already have that figured out before the moment comes. However, when it comes to deciding places to visit, plans to make or even location to travel, the decisions get tougher.

In one hand, most of us, are frightened of wasting our scarce days off, weekends, or vacation on a plan that won’t meet our standards and feel like a waste of time. People tend to expend hours and hours reading revisions, customer feedback, location rating, and lots of data before making their decision. Only to find out that the place you are reading about is not in your chosen location, so you have to start all over again. But, the worst part is that even after that time investment we are not guaranteed of seizing our trip and make those hard-earned days off the worth.

Our mission

Many companies have come up with pages to post their customer reviews, but the truth is that its accuracy is at least questionable. Moreover, in third-party sites, we often find the phenomenon of tremendously good ratings that are not comparable to the actual experience.

Knowing all these facts, we have come with a practical solution. We have developed a tool that allows you to enter your desired location, that might be your home town or your next trip destiny, and get instantly a list of places to visit and plans to make in that place, everything is sorted in a map, with an aim on adjusting to your time and mobility requirements.

Our website has a tremendous database being updated constantly with things to do near you, updating reviews and ensuring each customer provides accurate feedback on their experience. We do not simply list restaurants, hotels, and discos, our site also includes every type of relevant plan to do and list it by date and location. We are proud of the variety of plans listed, there are options for everyone.