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Holoscences (photo: Sue Holland and Eugene Kim)^497 Holoscences (photo: Sue Holland and Eugene Kim)^497 Holoscences (photo: Lars Jan)^497 Holoscenes (Photo: Lars Jan)^497 Holoscenes (photo: Lars Jan)^497 Holoscenes: (photo: Lars Jan) ^497 Holoscenes (photo: Lars Jan)^497

Lars Jan/Early Morning Opera

Lars Jan takes audiences through the technical and scientific world of Holoscenes, revealing how the piece was created—from idea to full fruition.  This engagement is geared toward science, technology, new media students and enthusiasts who are eager to understand the engineering behind the water tanks, the technology behind the research for behaviors and rituals that ended up in the piece, and the new media incorporated to make Holoscenes a multi-platform experience. Jan will share his rigorous collaborative process with his designers, the challenges and pitfalls faced, and how Holoscenes, as an artistic project, has embraced science to talk about important issues around water and climate change.

The Technology of Holoscenes

Duration: 90 Mins 

Participants: Lars Jan and potential collaborators on tour (TBD)

Requirements: Classroom or auditorium with video projector; podium with Lavaliere mic(s)

Discussion must be moderated by scientist or science faculty who can pose questions related to Holoscenes.

For More Info:  Here’s an example of a conversation with Lars Jan (facilitated by Ash Bulayev of EMPAC) that is primarily focused on the technology and logistics of Holoscenes: http://www.ashbulayev.com/?p=455


A discussion on how the worlds of art and science can integrate toward common goals around social and environmental issues.  Lars Jan will discuss how he uses performance and public spectacle to initiate conversation and action around issues of climate change, our relationship to water and its effect on every day human behavior. As part of the project, Jan also implemented a public Call for Rituals & Behaviors and used technology to contact individuals all over the world with this request, and those responses directly impacted what we see in Holoscenes.

Questions to explore might include: what are concerns that the science community is hoping to convey to the broader public and how might the arts help contextualize and deliver that message? How can artists collaborate with scientists to deepen the meaning of their work and promote direct action or behavioral change around an issue? How can we, together, use imagination and creativity to solve problems, educate, and inspire? What potential new work, new research and new thinking can emerge from these innovative trans-disciplinary and cross-cultural collaborations?

This event can be structured as a Case Study with Lars Jan, in a moderated discussion about how he answered some of these questions and continues to pursue with his science counterparts. 

It can also be done as a panel with local experts. Panelists can include local scientists (environmental, psychology/cognitive behavioral; engineering; technology), artists, and community activists who can share their experiences how they have used the arts for broader change.

Art Meets Science

Duration: 1.5-2 hours (with audience Q&A)

Participants: Lars Jan, plus invited local “experts” (scientists, artists, community activists)

Requirements: If done as a panel, discussion must be moderated by appropriate facilitator familiar with other panelists and their work.