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William Yang in Shadows^23

William Yang

Extraordinary stories come to life in William Yang's intimate monologues - part social documentary, part personal observation, told with an eye for detail, and arresting images. In Shadows, Yang combines his original photography with precious found images stowed away by families for generations, to take us on a journey of dispossesion and reconcilliation. Taking the deceptively simple format of a slide show, Yang spins an engrossing web of stories, from the personal to the political, spanning two continents in an emotionally searing performance.

Through intimate details, Yang uncovers universal themes of suffering under ignorance and fear and the need for understanding and healing. There is the story of a young Aboriginal man and the changes faced by his community over the course of a decade. And the story of the persecution and internment of South Australia's German community during the World Wars that leads us to present day Berlin and the global need for reconcilliation.

Understated, peppered with wry humor and visually striking, Shadows is a textured pilgrimage of global proportions. Yang's monologue is accompanied by literally hundreds of slides and is eloquently supported by the original vocal and instrumental music of Colin Offord.