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51st (dream) state. Image by Matthew Septimus^11

Sekou Sundiata

the 51st (dream) state, live radio broadcast performance, was part of the Blink Your Eyes: Sekou Sundiata Retrospective, co-curated and produced by MAPP International and a consortium of several New York City partners and organizations.

Performed and streamed live on October 10th 2013, the 51st (dream) state brought to life again Sekou Sundiata's final theater work. It was directed by acclaimed opera and theater director Arthur Yorinks introduced by WNYC radio host, John Schaefer, and performed by the original cast of singers and musicians (Eddie Allen, trumpeter; Richard Harper, vocal director; Ronnel Bey,Samita Sinha, Audrey Martells, pianist Bahnamous Bowie and and musicians Chris Eddleton, Calvin Jones, and Bill White). LaTanya Hall took over Sundiata's role as poet/narrator. The performance was recorded for future radio broadcast, the video recording remains available on WNYC's website. For other events and details on the Blink Your Eyes Retrospective: sekousundiata.org