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Kassys in LIGA. Photo by Klaas Paradies.^14 Kassys in LIGA. Photo by AX710.^14


After the stunning success of the U.S. tours of KOMMER, Kassys returned to the U.S. with LIGA for engagements in October 2008 (Hazlett Theater, Pittsburgh) and January 2009 (Public Theater, NYC).

LIGA-- 50% reward & 50% punishment-- begins at the end. The audience views a video in which a group of actors exit the stage and greet their director, one by one. The highs and lows of the just-completed performance are re-lived as the actors enthusiastically congratulate, compliment, and console each other. With practiced professionalism, negative experiences are stashed away and disappointments denied. Then each actor leaves for home.

The performance follows. In a live "flashback" the actors perform their play. We meet five characters: young, playful and easy to influence. While unsure how to behave, their human need to conform makes them susceptible to manipulation. In a mush of directing, the characters learn "to pretend." With acted conviction and taught spontaneity they succeed. Meanwhile, the live audience is implicated in creating their plastic world, and left wondering just what kind of performance these actors are learning to give.

LIGA was also performed throughout The Netherlands and Belgium, where it was a selection of the 2007 Flemish Theaterfestival. The Festival jury noted, "In the film and on stage a series of plain hilarious scenes grow into a unique composed analyses of human life.  Kassys does this with so much discerning aplomb and an ingenious scenario.... Theater which is too rare: smart, almost without words, generous and funny, inspired and with a very genuine and original signature."