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portrait of myself as my father (Photo: Gennadi Novash)^494 portrait of myself as my father (Photo: Elise Fitte Duval)^494 portrait of myself as my father (Photo: Elise Fitte Duval)^494 Pape Ibrahima Ndiaye and Nora Chipaumire at Gibney Dance (photo by: William Nadylam)^494 portrait of myself as my father (Photo: Gennadi Novash)^494 portrait of myself as my father (Photo: Gennadi Novash)^494 portrait of myself as my father (Photo: Gennadi Novash)^494

Nora Chipaumire

Pape Ibrahima Ndiaye, a.k.a. KAOLACK  (Performer)

Dancer, choreographer, and music artist Pape Ibrahima Ndiaye.(Kaolack), was born in Sénégal and lives in Prague, Czech Republic. He stems from a distinguished lineage of spiritual and notable figureheads in Senegal, including his father – a direct descendant of a Saly Geuth King –who introduced Kaolack to world cultures and dance traditions at a young age. Upon his father’s passing, Kaolack left his schooling at the age of 15 to care for his siblings and family. It was not until he was 18 years old that Kaolack re-found dance, having met dancer and choreographer Papy Sy (Dalifor Ballet Theater), and whom later became Kaolack’s first instructor and mentor. Papy Sy introduced Kaolack to contemporary African dancer Germaine Acogny (Ecole des Sables/Compagnie Jant-Bi). Together with Acogny, and Compangie Jant-Bi, Kaolack toured the world and was able to infuse contemporary techniques with his traditional and spiritual lineage, to create his own vocabulary. Collaborations with Compagnie Jant-Bi include Faagala (presented in Brazil, the United States, Australia, Holland and Japan); Les Ecailles de la Mémoire (toured throughout the United States, Canada, France, Spain, Germany and Dakar). He has also danced in several other productions across international platforms including Aajej (Virpi Pahkine, Switzerland), L’Opéra du Sahel ou Bíntou Weere (with Koulsy Lamko and Zé Manel among others); and Three Levels (Tchekpo Dan Abetou) to name a few. In 2008 his solo I Accuse (J’Accuse) won the Rencontres Chorégraphiques Danse l’Afrique Danse, a choreography competition in Tunisia.  Currently, Kaolack continues to embed traditional and world dance styles in his choreography, his lifestyle, intellect and spirituality, fortifying his statement and practice as a dancer.


Shamar Watt (Performer)

Shamar Watt is a conscious artist born in Kingston, Jamaica, he was raised in both Jamaica and Miami, FL. Most of his life, he's been involved with sports (mainly basketball/football), he started dabbling with dance by doing freestyle hip hop and dancing in his home church during his later years in high school.  He started his technique training (on the side) at Miami Dade College under the direction of Michelle Grant Murray where he was introduced to west African, modern and ballet dance techniques. Before transferring to Florida state University he received his associate's degree in psychology, he recently graduated with a BFA in Dance and minor in psychology at Florida state University. Shamar has worked with artists such as Ronald k. Brown, Nora Chipaumire, Jawole Zollar, Netta Yerushalmy, John Jaspers and more. What drives Shamar as an artist, is the aim, dedication, and declaration to the emancipation and liberation of the whole self- mind, body and soul for first himself, the people, and for mankind.


Philip White (Original Music/Soundscore)
Composer, performer, improviser and sound designer Philip White works with electronics at the intersection of noise, jazz and contemporary concert music. Current and recent collaborations include R WE WHO R WE (with Ted Hearne), James Ilgenfritz Quartet (with Kevin Shea and Dan Blake), Ralph Lemon, Nora Chipaumire, Jim Findlay, and duos with Chris Pitsiokos, Paula Matthusen, Bob Bellerue and Taylor Levine. His music has been released on New Focus Recordings, Carrier Records, Infrequent Seams and Tape Drift Records. It has been described as “utterly gripping” (Time Out Chicago), “bona fide evocative music” (Brooklyn Rail), "for transmission to outer space" (NYTimes), and a “vibrant textural tapestry” (Wall Street Journal).                                      
Mathilde Walker-Billaud (Creative Management)
Mathilde Walker-Billaud trained and worked as an art editor in Paris. She was a Program Officer for the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, and for the center Villa Gillet in the USA. She is now an independent curator and cultural producer based in New York City.