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Democracy, Imagination, Peeps of Color NOW! at Bailey's Cafe, Freebrook Spaces. Photo: Stephanie Meiling^3470 Amiri Baraka at Poets House, Citizen Poet event of Blink Your Eyes event. Photo: Stephanie Meiling^3470 Professor Cyril Ghosh from Wagner College (See more at Liza Jessie Peterson at Wagner College)^3470 Symposium Breakout Group, The America Project Symposium at the New School. Photo: courtesy of the New School^3470 Liza Jessie Peterson, a renowned actress, poet, playwright, educator and advocate. Photo by Allan Weeks. ^3470 Word Beomces Flesh Poets Workshop at Urban Arts Partnership. Photo: Rasu Jilani^3470 Pat Williams, Carl Hart, Kendall Thomas in Geographies of Incarceration at Columbia University. Photo: Stephanie Meiling^3470

Community Engagement

Triple Consciousness: Black Feminism(s) In The Time Of Now!


Date: October – November 2014

Partner: 651 ARTS & Brooklyn Museum      


A series of three public dialogs that delves into and look beyond the current manifestations of Black female identity in mainstream media and culture. Each conversation features a different themes, format and group of discussants:



Body Rock: The Politics of Black Female Identity on “Stage”


October 18, 2014 @ 2PM

Venue: Cantor Auditorium, Brooklyn Museum

Moderator: Toni Blackman - Hip Hop Ambassador, artist and activist


This panel examines the ways in which black female identity is both desired and treated with disdain in public space. These social and cultural ideas are displayed whether on the stage, in the digital sphere, or on the street, and will be explored in depth in this conversation. Participants include Reverend Desiree Allen, theater director Charlotte Brathwaite, Composer and Performer Karma Mayet Johnson, and Digital and Advertising Creative Director Shannon Washington.


Watch “Body Rock” on Livestream



Mythologies of the “DIVA”: Reexamining the Image of Black Women in Pop-Culture


November 8, 2014 @ 2PM

Venue: Rubin Pavilion, Brooklyn Museum'

Moderator: Shani Jamila – Human Rights Activist and Artist.


This “Long Table” discussion will investigate the role of the “diva” in pop culture. Formatted to invite the audience to the table, for informal dialog on a complex subject, participants will examine, criticize and recreate a narrative around their own ideas of the “diva” as they pertain to black female identity. Discussants include performers April Matthis and Okwui Okpokwasili; Creative Director of Mambu Badu and studio instructor at the Brooklyn Museum Kameelah Rasheed; artist, comedian and media culture critic Amanda Seales; and founder of the community healing space, SouLar Bliss Adaku Utah. The conversation will be followed by a reception, with music from DJ Val Jeanty.


Watch “Mythologies of the Diva” on Livestream

Photos from Triple Consciousness: Mythologies of the Diva are now available on Facebook! Click here to view photo album.



Beyond Binaries & Boxes: Deconstructing and Re-envisioning Black Feminism(s)


November 15, 2014 @ 2PM

Venue: Sackler Forum Auditorium, Brooklyn Museum

Moderator: Ebony Noelle Golden - Series Curator           


A forum that ask participants to reframe and envision a 21st Century practice of Black Feminism(s) based in creativity, abundance, and collective liberation. Participantsinclude noted scholar, dancer, and activist Dr. Aimee Cox, activist for food justice and economic development Tanya Fields, Journalist and Editor of Ebony.com Jamilah Lemieux, Consultant for the NYC Department of Education Florence Noel, and Founder and Director of The Black Girl Project Aiesha Turman.


Watch “Beyond Binaries and Boxes” on Livestream

Photos from Triple Consciousness: Beyond Binaries are now available on Facebook! Click here to view photo album.


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