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Nora Chipaumire
Sep. 23 — Jun. 24, 2016

portrait of myself as my father / Philadelphia Museum of Art
Philadelphia, PA
Come home Charley Patton. Photo by Dan Merlo.^2 Walter Carter. Photo by Ralph Lemon.^2 How Can You Stay In The House All Day And Not Go Anywhere? Photo by Dan Merlo.^2 (the efflorescence of) Walter at The Kitchen. Photo by Rashida Bumbray.^2 Come home Charley Patton. Photo by Dan Merlo.^2 Scaffold Room (Photo by Gene Pittman)^2 Scaffold Room (Photo by Gene Pittman)^2

Ralph Lemon/Cross Performance

Ralph Lemon: 1856 Cessna Road is a mixed media solo exhibition at The Studio Museum in Harlem that runs from March 29 - May 27, 2012. The exhibition explores memory, memorialization and cultural translation in large-scale color photographs, a video installation and a series of 30 drawings made into video animation. The exhibition is the culmination of Lemon's eight-year friendship and rich artistic collaboration with Walter Carter (1907-2010) in Little Yazoo, Mississippi.

Lemon met Carter during a 2002 research trip to the Mississippi Delta and developed a friendship that quickly evolved into a collaboration in Carter's house, in his backyard, along a country road or in a nearby juke joint. Together they developed "scores" for Carter to perform that varied from task-oriented instructions to reenactments of scenes from science-fiction films. If asked, Carter described it as strange "work" that he enjoyed. Over time, Lemon got to know Carter's wife, Edna, and his extended family and neighbors, some of whom in turn became involved in the art-making. This shared experience became inspiration and fodder for a number of Lemon's performances, exhibitions and writings over the years. 

1856 Cessna Road is Lemon's debut exhibition at The Studio Museum in Harlem and the first time this suite of works will be shown in New York City.