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Nora Chipaumire
Oct. 6 — Oct. 9, 2016

portrait of myself as my father / AfroVibes Festival
Amsterdam, Netherlands
(the efflorescence of) Walter at The Kitchen. Photo by Rashida Bumbray.^2 Come home Charley Patton. Photo by Dan Merlo.^2 Scaffold Room (Photo by Gene Pittman)^2 Come home Charley Patton. Photo by Eric Stone..^2 How Can You Stay In The House All Day And Not Go Anywhere? Photo by Dan Merlo.^2 Walter Carter. Photo by Ralph Lemon.^2 Come home Charley Patton. Photo by Dan Merlo.^2

Ralph Lemon/Cross Performance

"I'm less interested in the final project of a thing, but more in the conversation. Seeing the bits and pieces. I love that. I think what's so great about new media is its unfinishedness. The becoming part of it  It's so brilliantly un-becoming all the time, and when it becomes it's less interesting." - Ralph Lemon

www.ralphlemon.net, a progressively unfolding art piece and archive featuring 'bits and pieces' of Ralph Lemon's creative process through drawings, video, photography and text.

Geography Trilogy: 123 RemixThis web documentary looks at the creation and presentation of each performance work (Geography, Tree and Come home Charley Patton) that made up Ralph Lemon's The Geography Trilogy. Created by Vivian Selbo for the Walker Art Center in 2006.

Before and After Geography. This web work is an assemblage of images, video, sound, animation and text from the creation and performance of Tree (Part 2 of The Geography Trilogy) that proposes a compelling model for how the stage and Internet might dialogue with one another. Designed and built by Vivian Selbo and Carl Skelton, with concept by Wayne Ashley, for the 2000 Next Wave Festival at The Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York City; relocated to the Walker Art Center server in September 2004.