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Samita Sinha
Apr. 26 — Apr. 26, 2014

Open Voice Youth Workshops-private / Sadie Nash Leadership project
New York, NY
A People's Potluck in Elmhurst, Queens.^46 Richie Harper leading a community sing at Harlem Stage at Aaron Davis Hall^46 Sekou Sundiata in the 51st (dream) state^46 Attendees of the NYC premiere screening of finding the 51st (dream) state at Harlem Stage. Photo by Vaughn David Browne.^46 WeDaPeoples Cabaret 2010 at Harlem Stage.^46 Discussion at a Community Sing at Harlem Stage at Aaron Davis Hall^46 Michaela Angela Davis and Carl Hancock Rux in conversation at the NYC premiere screening of finding the 51st (dream) state. Photo by Vaughn David Browne.^46

The America Project

The America Project is a national program that stimulates critical citizenship, imagination, and civic dialogue through creative process and public engagement, placing artists in leadership roles to enlist diverse community members in exchanges that promote common purpose and visionary thinking for social change.

As envisioned by the project's founder, artist Sekou Sundiata, The America Project questions what it means to be both a citizen and an individual in the complex, hyper-kinetic society that is the United States of America today. The program places artists at the center of that investigation, and supports creative projects that bring people into a shared civic process; that are grounded in, and meaningful to, a particular community; and that effectively speak to broad audiences across the U.S. about the critical issues of our time.

In Sundiata's words, The America Project creates "a We/Ours out of I/Me/Mine in moving towards gatherings of good conscience, honest critique, and common purpose... with the hope that it will be carried forward into other gatherings, in other settings. It is both an example and a promotion of a useful democratic practice."