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Lars Jan
Oct. 1 — Apr. 6, 2014

Holoscenes Premiere & Performance / Nuit Blanche
Toronto, Canada
Gregory Maqoma in Exit/Exist. Photo by John Hogg.^44 Panaibra Canda (image: Arthur Fink)^3467 Marc Bamuthi Joseph in rbGb. Photo by Bethanie Hines.^1 Marc Bamuthi Joseph in rbGb. Photo by Bethanie Hines.^1 Nora Chipaumire in MIRIAM. Photo by Antoine Tempe.^494 Creative Residency for Lars Jan's Holoscenes^497 Photo:Antoinette Mooy^9

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Samita-news-image0.jpg Samita Sinha "opens" voices @ Sadie Nash
Through MAPP's Community Engagement & CIPHER, Samita will work with Sadie Nash in "Open Voice" workshops to teach young women asserting, expression, identity & voices.

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bye-catalog0.jpg Get ahead on your spring reading with BYE
Looking for a warm read on these chilly wintry nights, or a colorful accompaniment for Spring reading? We have just the thing for you...get your Blink Your Eyes Catalog online today!

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LJ-NYSCA-news-item0.jpg Congrats to Lars Jan for a NYSCA award!
MAPP is proud to announce that Lars Jan is a recipient of a NYSCA Individual Artist Theater Commission. Many congrats, and keep your eye out for HOLOSCENES

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RL-smh-news-item0.jpg Studio Museum exhibit feat. Ralph Lemon opens!
Studio Museum of Harlem's "When the Starts Begin to Fall" exhibit featuring impressive works including some pieces by Ralph Lemon opens! The exhibit runs through June 29th. Pass by!

Core Programs

MAPP's interconnected programs cross art forms, cultures and borders in an ongoing exploration of art, process, life and community.

New Works
As producers, MAPP takes a holistic approach that responds to the artist's creative imperative. We are actively engaged throughout the life of the project from initial concept to final touring performance. Starting with incisive planning before rehearsals begin, we create budgets and oversee timelines; secure commissions, grants and production residencies; devise innovative ways to share the work with diverse communities; design and implement marketing to press and public; promote the project to the presenting field; and arrange for and manage public performances.

Artist in Community
As producers of contemporary, often provocative, performance works, MAPP knows that an educated public who value artists as contributors to a healthy society is essential to bringing these works to the stage. By creating direct connections between artist and community, we aim not only to increase understanding of specific artistic projects, but to build wider appreciation for artists as cultural thought leaders, and to stimulate a real exchange of views between creators and audiences about culture and contemporary society. Past projects have linked artists with a community of women (Nora Chipaumire); with leaders in urban sustainability (Marc Bamuthi Joseph); and with members of black and white church congregations in York, Alabama (Samita Sinha).

MAPP on Tour
With considerable expertise and a global network of contacts in presenting and the media, MAPP moves artists and their works across borders and cultures. We work globally to support cross-cultural dialogue, and to ensure that the work and ideas of international contemporary performing artists are available to communities across the U.S. The MAPP on Tour portfolio includes new works produced by MAPP, as well as other innovative projects. Over the years, we have secured engagements for U.S. artists throughout North America, Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe; and introduced U.S. audiences to artists from 25 countries.

MAPP is an active collaborator, leader and participant with many cultural organizations and individuals in the arts. We partner to establish networks for the creation and presentation of work; to promote international exchange; to ground artists' projects in communities; and to advocate for the strategic role of producer in the contemporary performing arts field.

  • MAPP is General Manager and co-founder of The Africa Contemporary Arts Consortium, a coalition of ten diverse arts institutions from around the U.S. advancing a dynamic exchange of arts and ideas between artists, arts organizations, cultural and other institutions of Africa and the United States.
  • MAPP leads The America Project, a national program that builds on the vision of the late New York City poet, performer and educator, Sekou Sundiata, and his "research-to-performance method" using the arts to engage people in the definition, meaning and exercise of present-day citizenship.